With annual revenues of 92 million and a team of over 1000 professionals, GMV is a technology group founded in 1984 that works in Aeronautics, Space, Defense, Security, Transport, Healthcare, Telecommunications and ICT for Public Administration and large companies. 

GMVIS Skysoft, SA

It currently has its headquarters in Madrid and offices in Spain, Portugal, Poland, USA, South Korea and Malaysia. Holder of numerous international patents, GMV is a leading global provider of Satellite Control Centers, the third European company by volume of participation in Galileo, the leading supplier of C31 control systems for the spanish land Army and the first iberian supplier of telematic systems for public transport.

GMV in Portugal

GMV's presence in Portugal is intrinsically linked to the history of Skysoft Portugal SA, a company that joined GMV in May 2005.

Skysoft was founded in 1998 and focused from the begining in developing projects for the aeronautics sector. However, as a result of its growth and in order to concentrate its skills in different markets, over the last decade, Skysoft successively expanded its activity of development and integration of software and systems critical to the Aerospace, Aeronautics, Defense, Security, Transport, Telecommunications and Information Technology areas.

In Portugal, GMV employs more than 100 technicians specialized in the development and integration of software and high availability critical systems. The competence centers in the areas of Modular Avionics and Maritime Transportation Safety are located in the portuguese office, which is currently the most important one outside Spanish territory.


  • GMVIS Skysoft, SA
  • CEO . Alberto de Pedro Crespo
    Tel . +351 213 829 366
    Fax . +351 213 866 493
  • Address . Av. D. João II, Lote 1.17.02, Torre Fernão Magalhães - 7.º 1998-025 Lisboa
    Founded In . 2013
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