COTEC Portugal - Associação empresarial para a Inovação

COTEC Portugal is a leading Think and Action network for advancing technology diffusion and business Innovation cooperation. COTEC Portugal business network encompasses Multinationals companies, major national groups and SMEs, operating in most sectors of activity, and whose gross added value represents more than 16% of national GDP and 8% of private employment. COTEC Portugal’s main activities include anticipating and discussing issues on innovation trends with impact on business competitiveness, advancing business networks and partnerships and, contributing to public policy on innovation issues. COTEC Portugal earned from its foundation in 2003 the support of the President of the Republic, who currently holds the status of Honorary President. More recently, COTEC has been awarded the status of entity of public interest.

With the mission of «promoting the competitiveness of companies established in Portugal, through the development and the diffusion of a culture and a practice of innovation as well as of knowledge, especially that generated in our country», COTEC Portugal is a not for profit business association that counts on the support of its associated companies and all agents of the National Innovation System (NIS) to accomplish its goals through the implementation of initiatives in a variety of areas

Established to «promote and enhance the competitiveness of companies in Portugal through the development and diffusion of a culture and practice of innovation and of the knowledge residing in the country», COTEC Portugal is a not for profit business association that counts on the support of its members and National Innovation System (NIS) institutes to achieve its goals through several initiatives in various areas.

Portugal has witnessed the birth of a private project (in which a significant part of the business sector has come together to promote innovation), the special characteristics of which, born of an initiative of the President of the Republic with the support of SNI institutions, permit this associative structure to lead the process of change in Portugal that is contemplated in its mission. COTEC Portugal believes this leadership must be earned through the clarity, accuracy and effectiveness of its interventions. And it is to this that its Board of Directors is committed.

The plan COTEC Portugal proposed implementing is incorporated in a complex social context that involves many potential stakeholders (companies, associative structures, public institutions, etc.), each with different and potentially conflicting aims and constraints (economic, social, educational and cultural), which determine that the most significant transformations will necessarily be of a medium- or long-term nature and with very different assessment perspectives.

In this sense, it is essential that COTEC acts in a network within the NIS, which implies knowing, harnessing and enhancing the work carried out by public and private organisations with proven skills in the field, while challenging other institutions that have not adapted to change and which therefore need encouragement and support to do so.

COTEC knows that it is only through a culture of diligence and focused activity and with a policy that is concerned more with “doing” than with “promising” that can develop and become an important part of NIS. This is the example and the culture that has guided COTEC Portugal’s activities to date, and which it will continue to promote in the future: both within the country, with the support of its members, NIS institutions and stakeholders; and at the European level through its partnership with its Spanish and Italian counterparts (Fundación Cotec and Fondazione Cotec).

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