Projecto Easier

Launched in October 2005, The main target of the EASIER projects was to deliver new RTD collaborations for FP7, and other European-wide opportunities with a special focus on SME from 16 European regions in Turkey, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, UK and Norway.

Projecto Easier

EASIER main objectives were:

16 Partners with extensive experience and knowledge in ICT sector, SME support and participation in EU programmes:

  • Properly motivated SMEs in ICT sector to participate in research at European level
  • Transnational cooperation among SMEs
  • Development of tools that really work (also beyond the project life)
  • Help at hand to SMEs:

               • To engage SMEs within ICT through regional networks;
               • To produce a database of potential ICT SME candidates for involvement in European research project;
               • To provide new methods that are tested in two pilot regions;
               • To identify opportunities for involvement of ICT SMEs in within FP6 and FP7;
               • To exploit the identified opportunities by coupling them with the SMEs in the database.

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